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The dragon at Harry Potter. Universal Studios Florida. 😄

Grell Sutcliff Cosplay!!!! ^_^

Things I have learned from my premiere of cosplaying Grell Sutcliff.
I will style my hair better. It will be more like the anime/musical.
I will probably not use my sharp pointy fake teeth anymore. I did enjoy wearing them however I feel that the teeth are too small for my big luscious smile. And the sharp teeth kept rubbing off on my gums. I will seek into having custom-made professional pointy teeth done for me.
Even though I loved wearing the shorts, the shorts were a little too short. I did love how my ass was hanging out but it was difficult to sit. I will seek into different shorts. Or if I lose more weight they will fit me better.
As for the thigh highs I do love them. But they kept sliding down. I might actually add a garter belt to it. It will make it more sexy. And it will keep them up better.
My chainsaw did work as a great prop on the floor. It did however fall apart while at the convention because people love to bump into me. So I will not bring the chainsaw on the floor at Dragon con. The chainsaw will only be used for photo shoots. And I will not be bringing the chainsaw (or should I say death scythe) to New York comic con.
Overall I absolutely adored cosplaying as Grell. Hopefully I will find more Sebastians and even Williams at Dragon con and New York comic con. If you are planning on being those cosplays at either of those conventions please let me know. I would love to have a photo shoot with you. If anyone has any tips for me as a Grell Sutcliff cosplayer please let me know I love to your from you. 😊
If anyone has any questions on where I collected the pieces to make my Grell Sutcliff cosplay please let me know and I will tell you. 😄

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